The Client understands that by applying to make use of the services provided by Edu Roots (Pty) Ltd, the Client also consents to agree to the terms and conditions of the services of Edu Roots (Pty) Ltd. The terms and conditions is therefore binding on the Client and it is the duty of the Client to peruse the terms and conditions of Edu Roots (Pty) Ltd prior to applying for the services provided. By making use of our mobile app, Tutor Roots, and by applying for the services in general, the Client’s conduct can be seen as an adherence to and acceptance of the terms and conditions of Edu Roots (Pty) Ltd.


1.1 “Edu Roots” means Edu Roots (Pty) Ltd (2016/211181/07), a service provider of tutorial lessons and / or classes.

1.2 “The Client” means any client interested in and applying for the services provided by Edu Roots (Pty) Ltd.

1.3 “The Student” means the individual(s) to whom the tutorial class is presented and / or taught.

1.4 “The Tutor” means the tutor allocated to teach the specific class for the Client or its child.


2.1 Edu Roots provides a one-on-one tutoring service to individuals, alternatively tutoring in small groups of not more than two students.

2.2 Tutorials will take place at an agreed upon time, date and location to be established between the Tutor, Edu Roots and the Client.


3.1 Credits can be purchased in packages of 1 to 20 via our mobile app. One credit = one hour lesson. Credits may be used when needed and will expire at the end of the calendar year.

3.2 Payment is made through PayFast, a secure and trusted payment service that is used via our mobile app. Alternatively, payments can be made into the bank account of Edu Roots with the following details:

Banking Details:

Account Name: Edu Roots (Pty) Ltd
Bank:         FNB
Branch Code:  250655
Account No.:  62619005962

3.3 If making a cash deposit, please add an additional R50 for transactional costs since the bank charges a large fee for any cash deposits made into our account.


4.1 It is the responsibility of the Client to timeously inform the Tutor if the Client intends on cancelling and / or postponing the tutorial. In the event that the Client fails to inform the Tutor more than two hours prior to the lesson and / or fails to attend the scheduled tutorial, the Client will be billed at the usual tutorial fee for one hour only.

4.2 Edu Roots will not charge a fee for a postponement of a lesson, provided that same has been communicated timeously to both Edu Roots and the Tutor allocated to the tutorial.

4.3 In the event that a Tutor is unable to attend a scheduled tutorial, the Tutor will timeously inform the Client of same. In the event that no suitable alternative date and time can be arranged, the Client will not be charged for the tutorial.

4.4 In the event that the Client is late for a scheduled tutorial, the tutorial will still run in accordance with the scheduled time and the Client will forfeit the lost time. In the event that the Tutor is late for the scheduled tutorial, an alternative will be arranged with the Client by the Tutor to catch up the lost time.


5.1 The Tutor will make use its own study material, alternatively make use of the prescribed study material provided by the Client/Student for the tutorial registered for.

5.2 The Tutor may recommend purchase of additional study material to the Client. The purchase of the additional study material is however discretionary.


6.1 Edu Roots’ nature of business is providing tutorial services to the general public. As a service provider, Edu Roots therefore appoints and employs Tutors on a private basis to further outsource their services to Clients.

6.2 To protect its propriety interest, and the business in which it operates, Edu Roots has contractually entered into an agreement with each and every Tutor, restraining the Tutor from tutoring on a private basis with a Client of Edu Roots whilst being under the employment of Edu Roots and for one year after terminating employment with Edu Roots.

6.3 Should it therefore be apparent that a Client and / or former Client privately makes use of a Tutor’s services without consulting and / or informing Edu Roots, said Client’s conduct will be seen as malicious and mala fide and said Client, and the Tutor involved, can be held liable for damages incurred.


7.1 Edu Roots will not sell, rent or distribute any Client’s personal information, or any information relating to children, to any third parties.

7.2 Whilst Edu Roots strive to provide the best possible tutorial service, Edu Roots will not be held liable for the academic success or lack thereof demonstrated by the Student / Client. Although Edu Roots does everything in its power to improve national curriculum levels and skills, no guarantees are made.

7.3 All Tutors have been screened and carefully selected to render services for and on behalf of Edu Roots, and Clients hereby acknowledge that they are agreeing to the Student being left alone with the Tutor at their own risk. Edu Roots will therefore not be held liable for any damage and / or loss incurred by the Client during the scheduled tutorial with the Tutor.

7.4 Neither Edu Roots nor its Tutors will be held liable for any injury sustained by the Client / Student due to its own neglect. The sole purpose of the Tutor is to render tutorial services and it is therefore not the responsibility of the Tutor to supervise the Student in between tutorials and / or during short break periods.


8.1 In the event that a dispute arises out of this agreement between Edu Roots and the Client, the parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court for the dispute to be resolved.

8.2 In the event that the Client refuses and / or fails to effect payment of the fees due and payable to Edu Roots, the Client will be liable for the legal fees and disbursements incurred in enforcing and / or collecting payment of said outstanding amount, on an attorney and client scale.


9.1 The parties hereby explicitly agree that no amendments and / or variations to these terms and conditions will be of any force unless explicitly agreed to and reduce to in writing and signed by both parties.

9.2 The parties hereby choose their domicilium citandi et executandi (address at which all official notices must be sent) for all purposes under this agreement at the addresses set forth in the application form affixed hereto, and any party shall be entitled, by notice to the other, to change his domicilium aforesaid to any other physical address within the Republic of South Africa provided that the change will only become effective 7 (seven) days after service of the notice in question.

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