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Children are our future and what better way is there than to secure their roots in a strong foundation

Our experienced tutors are capable of tutoring a wide range of subjects.

We tutor at all levels, from Grade 1, all the way through to University.

Our tutors are fully vetted and have a proven track record. They can be completely trusted.


Our new app aims to radically simplify the process of finding and organising a tutor for you or your child.

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What our customers are saying

Great App! It took me less than a minute to find a suitable tutor for my daughter, and only 3km away. It is very user friendly and it has a relaxed but professional feel about it. A 'No Fuss, Get the Job Done' App - Love this.


Run by such honest and caring leaders! Will trust my baby, child or teenager in their capable hands!

Jessica A

Excellent help and preparation for my son's Form 1 (Grade 8) exam. The tutor was always friendly, very well prepared and willing to go the extra mile. Thank you very much Edu Roots!

Carien B

It is incredible being part of the EduRoots team! Absolutely love this company

Samantha B

Caring and dedicated review of each candidate before careful consideration of your needs. Always willing to go the extra mile

Elizabeth G

This is the future of tutoring / au-paring in South Africa!

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